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Imagine, a world without waste, a lifestyle that helps Mother Earth instead of harming it. Hard to think of, isn’t it? This long leap of change will start with a single step..a step where you as a customer makes the choice of adding a sustainable product to your life.

Hi, we are Rimagined. We curate & create the best-upcycled products so that you can save the nature & be a part of the revolution! Rimagined helps minimize the volume of discarded materials and waste being sent to landfill each year; thus reducing the need to produce more raw material. This means a reduction in air pollution, water pollution & greenhouse gas emissions. With every product that you purchase from Rimagined, you help our planet heal!

Materials We Work With


Why Upcycling ?

Rimagined is committed to creating a more sustainable future by offering products that are rescued before going to landfill! We r(e)imagine the way waste products can be repurposed & give them a new life.

The upcycled item often becomes more functional or beautiful than what it was previously. Thus the word 'Upcyling', because the value of the material is increased! Upcycling is a creative process where waste is looked at as a resource. Materials are used in a creative new way, giving them a second life and function.

Think of Old cotton sarees transformed into durries, discarded glass bottles becoming a cool home decor piece, accessories from tyre tube waste.

We do all this and more through Upcycling.

Do we really need to buy and consume at the rate we do? 
Before we go and buy ANY product because we can afford it, can we pause and ask ‘do I really need it?’. 
Maybe we can explore alternatives like renting, reuse, repurposing that help us do our bit towards conscious consumption.

“What you do makes a difference. You have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.
” – Jane Goodall.

Our People & Stories

Know more about our team. The people who bring to life our various designs, the ones who run the show in the backend.

Each one of us has a personal journey that we have embarked upon in our common purpose of Sustainability.

Get Inspired

Know about the inspiring work that is happening around the world in the space of Sustainability

Explore DIY

Learn, Exchange and share your own DIY creations with us here !

We would love to feature your work on our site which can motivate more folks to try their hand at Upcycling at home.

Explore Our Complete Range

Tables, Seatings, Stools
Bed covers, Cushion covers, Floor rugs
Home Decor
Wall art, Lamps, Table tops, Trunks & Boxes
Pet beds, toys, clothing
Totes, Backpacks, Lunch bags, Laptop bags, Pouches
Handloom sarees created from waste cotton and handspun yarn

Join The Movement

Rimagined offers various ways you can collaborate with us for a world without waste. Rimagined is also a marketplace where other green products are showcased and merchandised. If you are a designer who would like to collaborate with your products, contact us to explore the possibilities.

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Recognition & Partnerships

  • Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology- Technology Business Incubator. (KIIT-TBI) - Incubated under the INVENT program
  • Winner of the Yes Foundation- "Yes I am the Change" challenge, Grant & Accelerator.
  • Winner of HDFC Parivartan Grant
  • Action for India - Best Indian Social Enterprise
  • Partner for One Planet Network "Consumer Information Programme"